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Meet Alexandria

Founder & Therapist 

What should someone know about working with me?

I provide a modern approach to talk therapy; I would describe myself as a “feelings excavator” and "thought provoker." My goal is to provide a comfortable environment and dedicated time for clients to hone in on themselves in the present. Life today is busy and we are constantly connected, so we have to create moments of singular focus. That is what I believe therapy can be. I believe no two people are the same and, similarly, there’s no singular way to approach therapy. It may mean helping you identify any issues or resistances in your life and creating solutions or goals to move forward or it may simply be an engaged and caring ear to simply talk it out. My personality is warm, familiar, and relaxed; I believe therapy is a collaborative and open line of communication.


What is therapy and is it right for me?

Therapy can be whatever you need it to be and therefore is for everyone. Whether something as big as a life transition or something as small as a series of bad days, the therapeutic relationship can be a tool for examining, venting, learning, or guiding. It is a nonjudgmental space where you can bring anything on your mind and find the tailor-made support you need to move through and forward.


Seleni Institue , Maternal Mental Health Training

NYU Silver School of Social Work, MS in Social Work

College of William and Mary, BA in Psychology and Government

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