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a place and a person for you

yourhood is a therapy practice where any individual can dedicate time to introspection and self-discovery. As a collective group of therapists with a variety of specialties, interests, and backgrounds, you can find your “hood”. 


At yourhood, we believe that each individual requires a personalized approach to therapy. Our practice creates a comfortable environment, whether virtual or in-person, where you can discover the benefits of identifying your strengths, acknowledging your values, and fostering a collaborative and honest dialog. Therapy is not just for those in crisis, it is a safe space for you to be yourself, similar to the feeling you encounter in a familiar neighborhood. 

Hi, I'm so happy you're here

Welcome to Yourhood, a therapy practice that embraces the uniqueness that makes you, you. Yourhood was founded in June 2023 by Alexandria Phillips, LCSW. Alex believes therapy is not meant to be reserved for times of crisis, it is about introspection, growth, and achieving a deeper level of self-understanding. 


Throughout the course of her career, Alexandria has found that there is no singular way to approach therapy. Yourhood was founded to serve individuals in whatever capacity they need at any time or stage of life. Each session is approached with a client’s unique characteristics and experiences in mind, creating the optimal environment for you to move through and forward. Whether you need to discuss something on your mind, understand a series of bad days, or need to get through a life transition, yourhood is here to support you. 

A Picture of the founder and therapist Alex Phillips, LCSW

What We Specialize In

Perinatal Mental Health


General Stressors & Life Transitions

Sexuality and Relationship 

Stress Management, Communication & Self-Esteem Building

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